Our Philosophy

At Studio Blank Canvas, everything starts with a blank canvas-literally or figuratively. An infinite space, sans any limitations or boundaries-a space where ideas, concepts and thoughts flow freely, ultimately translating into something tangible- to be seen, felt, heard.

Design is a multilayered process, taking in account various physical, social, cultural and climatic factors. Our design philosophy stems from the very basic idea of a climate conscious minimalistic design approach, in which pragmatism and functionality play vital anchors in the journey of conceptualization to execution.

Design, according to us has to be responsive to the contextual parameters, speaking of the time it was thought of- while at the same time advocate for judicious use of natural resources.


A Graduate from IPSA, Rajkot, Jaydeep has been associated with (Modo designs) Ar.Arpan Shah, before starting Studio Blank Canvas.

He shares a deep fascination of large span structures, stemming from his avid interest in sports- stadia designing holding a special place in his heart. His undergraduate thesis also ventured into designing of the then proposed Transtadia Stadium at Kankaria – demonstrating his philosophy that the form and space are interdependent, structural systems can heavily influence the form and the final outcome is a cumulative of the tiniest details in a building.

His advocacy for climate responsive minimal architecture is what creates his identity and his quest for a sustainable design is what drives him to achieve perfection.

A hardcore cricket enthusiast, when not resolving architectural problems, you will find him either playing cricket or jamming away with his friends.


A Graduate from IPSA, Rajkot, she is mentored by the finest architects-the likes of Mausami-Uday Andhare and Malini-Manish Doshi in Ahmedabad, before starting Studio Blank Canvas.

She shares a passion for creating functional aesthetic spaces, focusing on the last detail, has an inclination to working with natural materials, techniques and artisans, ever curious and ever ready to absorb in knowledge from anywhere and everywhere.

Her eye for colors, textures and details makes her identity as an architect.

An avid reader and traveler, when not working, you will find her curled up in a nook with a book in her hand, lost in the fantasy world of beasts and wizards, or planning her next getaway!